Age Eligibility Guidelines

DCCNS follows the California Department of Education guidelines in setting age eligibility cutoff dates for the AM and PM Programs.

DCCNS has been such a wonderful experience for our family. We have had 4 children attend the school, A.M. P.M., Toddler, and Combo Class. All 4 children loved their teachers and really benefited from their classes. The parent participation is also a special and valuable part of DCCNS 😊
-The Cech Family

Toddler Class:

Ages 2-3. Must be 2 by September 1st of the current year.

AM & PM Class:

Ages 3-5 Must be 3 by December 1st of the current year.

Combo Class:

Must be 3 years 9 months by September 1st of the current year.


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