Family Task List

Alumni Relations

Responsible for creating and updating current alumni email lists. Computer skills needed. Send alumni emails/ regular mail for upcoming events/fundraisers, including an annual fundraising letter. Will work with the Webmaster and/or Fundraising coordinator.

Art Area

Maintain the art sink and surrounding area and the counters/shelves by the art table and easels once a week.  Keep the art supplies neat and orderly.  Refill glue bottles. Clean tops and lids of paint cups and add new paint if necessary. Scrub and sanitize art table, art sink, dish drain and counters.  Sweep floor under shelves where dirt collects.  Responsibilities include scrubbing outside art easel at least once between Saturday work parties or more often as needed.  Spend time weekly to stay on top of cleaning!

Bagel delivery

Pick up bagels from Noah’s Bagels in North Davis every other week.

Board Position

The school could not provide your child with such a high quality education if it were not for the Board of Directors.  We encourage you to consider whether a position on the Board might be right for you.   A list of all board positions is as follows: President, Vice President, Church Liaison, Class Reps for all classes, Family Task Coordinator, Fundraiser, Handbook, Secretary, Webmaster, Publicity and Treasurer.  A description of each position is listed in the handbook.

Book Orders for all classes

Responsible for handing out book order forms in family folders (or sending instructions via email), collecting them and sending in the order.  Coordinator will also email parents about the timing of book orders and directions for ordering by paper and online. Distribute books to the parent’s files when they arrive or wrap them and place them in the child’s cubby.  Inform the director of accumulated bonus points, and alert director to submit the “bonus point” order.  Please explain and advertise book orders (what it means to the school!) via email twice a year and announce at the fall orientation meeting.

Book Group Coordinator (may be combined with Librarian)

Responsible for picking a book related to child development or parenting, planning and publicizing two or three meetings for discussion during the school year (fall, winter, and spring). Meetings are held at DCCNS and count as parent meeting credit. Coordinator keeps track of attendance and sends the list to the director.

Carnival Coordinator

Organize event workers for carnival which happens in the last Sunday in March after the school Talent Show. Begin work in February to ask all the assistants which station and shift they would like to work and then organize the schedule. Check booths at school to make sure they are all accounted for. Start making the carnival necklaces for each child to wear, black/white copies can be made in church office. Yarn and stickers at school. Talk with the director often, keep her in loop and ask any questions.

Class Photgrapher/ Yearbook (Toddler/AM/PM)

Three main contributions:

  1. Take or collect photos throughout the school year.
  2. Create a photobook online highlighting the students, activities, and special events.
  3. Order one photobook for DCCNS to keep (DCCNS will purchase). Send the link and information to parents for them to purchase on their own.

NOTE #1:  No commercial use of photos is allowed. Pictures are the domain of DCCNS/all parents.
NOTE #2:  Taking pictures of the children cannot be done on a day you are a working parent.  On your working day, you are there to assist the teachers and keep the children safe, so taking pictures must be done at other times. 

Class Introduction Book for each child to take home (Toddler)

Gather a profile from each family in your class along with a photograph of each child (donated by the family or taken yourself).  Past examples should be found in folder or at school. Please make sure the child photos are close-ups!  Assemble, copy in black and white and distribute the class books on or before October 31.  There can be two photos on one page and/or back to back.   PLEASE NOTE:  We have very little (next to nothing!) budgeted for these books, so please keep costs extremely low.  Make copies of books at church office, use school paper, print only in black and white etc.  The objective of this job is to give children a book they can read and admire from home. In case you have the book on your computer, send a color copy to parents. They may want to save a copy for the future.

Class Books (AM and PM)

  1. Class Introduction Book- description above.
  2.  Art Book Collector
    Throughout the school year, collect (at least once a month) an art project from each child.  Gather items in a folder, filed in chronological order, and present each family with a completed art book at the end of the school year.  Work closely with teacher and keep him/her informed if a child is lacking projects for his/her book.  Have books ready by the middle of May. Before assembly please check with teacher about other add-ons.

Community Outreach

Oversee the operations of DCCNS’ participation in community events. This may include:  participation in the Downtown Davis Holiday Celebration, Picnic Day Parade, etc. It may also include donation events to local charities. It may include publicizing local community non-profit events to parents. It also may include alumni events and other social activities.


Assist the Registrar and other event coordinators in making copies in the church office. Please bring DCCNS paper and note any color copies made.

Costume Sale Coordinator

DCCNS holds an annual Costume Sale in the Fall. The coordinator will begin collecting items and hold a sale one Saturday morning in the first two weeks of October. They will have event assistants helping them prepare and one help the day of.

Dress Up Corner

Responsible for maintaining the dress-up area and play-kitchen area.  Wash dress up clothes occasionally.  Notify sewing person if clothes need repair.  Rotate dress-up clothes and accessories monthly for variety (your creativity is encouraged!) by removing and adding items.  Update the pictures/ labels on the dress up bins as needed.  Storage space for dress ups that are out of circulation is located in the office.  Disinfect the play kitchen and clean the mirror monthly.  Run play dishes and pretend food through your dishwasher periodically.  During the school year, develop a cleaning schedule to keep things on track.

Event Assistant Coordinator

All families are required to help plan or participate in one DCCNS event per school year.  The coordinator works with the director to collect sign ups (through the August mailing and at the orientation meeting) then communicates the list of assistants to the event coordinators. Make sure names and phone numbers are included on this list.  Contact and assign an event to any families who did not sign up or who join later in the year.  Post the finalized schedule on the kitchen cupboard door.  Changes are each family’s responsibility. 

Fish Tank

Keep an eye on the fish tank to make sure all fish are healthy. Clean tank when needed, etc.

Food and Supply Purchaser for all classes (2 positions)

  1. Costco Purchaser
  2. Produce purchaser

Purchasers are responsible for obtaining monthly food and snack/cleaning supplies list from teacher, shopping as economically as possible, and delivering the food and/or supplies to the school for all three classes.  Make sure you are aware of allergies that might affect a specific class.  Fill out a reimbursement form, attach receipts, let Director sign and place in treasurer’s folder for reimbursement.

Fundraising via Auction:

The auction is DCCNS’ main fundraising event. The tasks related to the auction are the jobs we need filled first. All coordinators will have auction support assistants and have the support of the executive direction and auction coordinator. We have a complete binder listing how all jobs have been completed in the past.

  1. Donation Coordinator (s)- Solicit donations for the live and silent auctions. Will have 3-5 assistants as well as the school community. Keep track of all donations and send receipts when necessary.
  2. Food and Beverage Coordinator- Plan catering and beverages, attain an ABC license, and buy food and drink supplies. All previous details are in the auction folder. 
  3. Decorations and Photo Booth coordinator(s)- plan and purchase all decorating supplies. Work the day of the auction to lead auction assistants in decorating.
  4. Auction Game Coordinator- Plan and implement auction game (s).
  5. Publicity and Ticket Sales- Work with treasurer to set up online ticket purchases. Promote the auction and ticket sales via email and social media.
  6. Online Auction coordinator- Set up online auction. We already have an online site. The job would consist of entering items and promoting the online auction via email and social media.
  7. Silent Auction Coordinator (s) - Responsible for setting up and running the silent auction the day off, including the check out process. Will have multiple assistants in all areas.
  8. Cake and Live Auction Coordinator- Work with auctioneer to make sure the live auction runs smoothly.
  9. Set up and Clean up- assist decorating coordinator and live auction coordinator to set up parent work shifts.

Fundraising: All work with Fundraising chair to coordinate a specific event.

1. Wine Tastingor A Day at the Farm Event Coordinator
2. Potluck Dinner Coordinators (1 or 2)
3. Rummage Sale Coordinator (1 or 2)  Initiate, organize and coordinate all aspects to the rummage sale under the guidance of the fundraising chair.   All families are required to help either by sorting and pricing the week before or working the event.  See your binder for details.
4. Carousel Picnic:   Plan and coordinate a family social in Central Park with the use of the carousel.

  • Contact DJUSD before the school year is out if possible to secure a date. Usually it is a Sunday in September, but it doesn’t have to be.Connect with the DJUSD volunteer in early September to make sure it is still a go.
  • Decide if you would like to add a food to the event or make it a fundraiser with other activities.
  • Publicize the event to current families and alums- see the director.
  • On the day of, you will meet the Carousel volunteer 15 minutes before the event to set up. You will bring music- the player from DCCNS is fine, just make sure the batteries are good. You will coordinate volunteers to man the carousel. You need two people inside at all times and one to collect the money. If you want to add to the event (picnic, other games,etc) you may need more assistants.
  • Hold on to the money and bring it to the DCCNS treasurer.

5. Fundraising/ Donation Solicitor: Work in coordination with event coordinators and silent auction/raffle coordinators to collect raffle items, food donations, etc.
6. Raffle/ Silent Auction Coordinators (2): Work with donation assistants and Fundraising chair to plan and implement a raffle/silent auctionat the Spaghetti Dinner and A Day at the Farm.

Health Coordinator/Registrar Assistant:

           The health coordinator job consists of the following duties:

  1. Collects and files all vaccination forms from families. Turns in annual vaccination report to the state in September.
  2. Collects Physician forms 
  3. In the event of a contagious outbreak (ie lice, Hand Foot and Mouth, etc.), the health coordinator leads a group of volunteers to do an extra cleaning of the school. 
  4. If interested and qualified, the health coordinator could lead a parent meeting on a health related topic.


Check school hamper a minimum of once a week or as needed and take dirty items hope to wash, dry and fold and return to the school.  Take misc. items home as needed for laundering. Remember to store dish towels separate from rags.

Librarian (May be combined with Book Group Coordinator)

Maintain the parenting books in proper order and promote the parent book corner to encourage reading and borrowing by parents.  Keep track of books checked out and encourage parents to give feedback. Write a one-paragraph book review for each newsletter- highlighting a parenting book, and circulate information on new releases of parenting books.


Three times per year, issue an all-school newsletter . Also, assist the director in creating the August Welcome Letter which is sent via email. Collect letters from the Board Chairperson as well as articles and photos from the Class Reporters. Review with Director and distribute hard copies to all DCCNS families. 


Responsible for touching up cubbies, tables, doors as needed with paint. Also paints crosswalk, arrows and playground lines as needed.

Parent Education Coordinator

The Parent Education Coordinator is responsible for communicating with parents and the director/teachers to discover current education needs. Theythen 1.) Research possible topics and speakers. 2.) Plan meetings with director. 3.) Work with “Publicity” and the Parent Meeting Coordinator to publicize meeting. 4.) Submit an article for the website. 5.) Find other educational opportunities, along with the director, in the community (such as workshops, conferences, DPNS speakers, etc.) and publicize to school community.

Parent Meeting Coordinator

Put out signs to announce the upcoming parent meeting about ten days prior to the meeting and email class reps to remind parents to attend. Arrange to have someone introduce the speaker at each meeting.  After the meeting, arrange to have someone thank the speaker and present honorarium (ask Treasurer for the amount in advance).  Responsible for set up and clean up (may recruit help).  Take minutes at the meeting and prepare a summary to give to the director. You are responsible to encourage attendance and for keeping track of attendance (put out class-lists/pencils for parents to sign-in) and give or email attendance to Class Rep. You are also responsible for writing thank you notes to our guest speakers.

Permanent PM Working Parent

See registrar or PM teachers for more information.

Pig Day Coordinator (Under Publicity)

Pig Day is an annual event at Farmer’s Market and is usually the first Saturday morning in March. DCCNS has a table to promote our school and to provide a craft activity. Past examples/ resources are available. The Pig Day Coordinator and their assistants are responsible for planning the day, promoting the event through our publicity chair (i.e. running a blurb in the Davis Enterprise), set up, and clean up.

Playdough Maker

Make play dough or goo at least once a month or as requested by teachers.  Check with teachers to see it they have a preference for color and add scented extract (i.e., mint added to green play dough).  Fill out reimbursement forms with receipts and have director sign.  See teachers for recipes and ingredients.

Publicity Assistants (4 positions)

  1. Social Media- maintain the DCCNS facebook page, Davis Wiki, and other social media opportunities to promote DCCNS.
  2. T-shirt orders
  3. Community Liaison- visit playgroups or other groups to promote DCCNS. Help post/ distribute flyers around town under the advisement of the Publicity Chair.
  4. Computer and Creative skills needed! This job can be done at home on the computer. This person will assist event coordinators, teachers, and executive director in creating flyers to publicise events and meetings.

Safety/OSHA Coordinator/Minor Repairs

Responsible for completing a safety check three times a year and filing a report at school.  Gather and dispense safety/drill information from OSHA to the Director.  Maintain a logbook as record or all safety issues as they arise.  Notify the Director of any hazardous condition and discuss/arrange to fix them.  Consult the director about special projects or concerns.  See binder at school.  Minor repairs: Make minor repairs of school equipment throughout the year as directed by any of the teachers.

Scheduler (Toddler/AM/PM)

You are responsible for assigning workdays for parents.  Note registration papers for requests!!! Introduce yourself at the first meeting and write a letter for the August mailing. Try not to have the same parents working together all the time to allow people to get to know other families. Copy/email the schedules and distribute them at least two weeks prior to when the new schedule starts.  Post a master schedule at school. Track the number of times each family has worked.  In March, turn in total number of workdays completed to the Class Rep and to the Director.  Once the schedule has been put out, you are not responsible to make changes or to keep track of the changes.  Parents are expected to arrange a swap if a specific day on the printed schedule becomes a conflict for them.  Try to coordinate child’s birthday or half-birthday on parent’s workday.  If there are no medical, work or vacation related issues, please try to schedule parents every other week (on average).

Science, Animal andGarden Coordinator(s) (may be separate, depending on interest)

You are responsible for maintaining the science table area, providing interesting materials, and rotating the materials according to themes indicated by the staff.  Construct special projects if requested by the teachers or on your own in coordination with the teachers.  Requires creativity and independent thinking!  Help plan, shop, and tend DCCNS garden beds. Sugar snap peas and carrots have been hits in the past. Always open to new ideas!

Social Connections (3)

Work with Class Rep to welcome new families to the school. Coordinate teacher gifts (winter break, birthdays, teacher appreciation week and end of the year). Please communicate with families about the gift plans one week prior. Coordinate gift or meal delivery for families with new babies or in crisis. Plan park play dates, yogurt afternoons, and class potluck(s).

Snack baker/ cook (3)

DCCNS strives to offer healthy, whole grain snacks to our children.  The snack baker/cook will consult with the teachers and provide a minimum of one homemade snack (for all classes) per month. The item should be enough for approximately 60 children. Or if we have three bakers (one per class), two snacks per month. Suggested items include muffins, breads, pretzels, Popsicles, mac –n- cheese, soup, etc. Love creativity! Please make sure all items are free of tree nuts and peanuts, and prepare them in a nut free environment as well.

Talent Show Coordinator

In the fall, find someone who is willing to be the MC for the Talent Show. Two weeks prior to the Talent Show send an email to the director (for distribution) announcing the Talent Show. Also post several flyers at school. Post a sign up sheet for families who wish to participate in the show. Include child’s name, class, and act. The day before the show create a simple program.

Teacher Support

  1. Field Trip and Thank you note coordinator. In coordination with the AM and PM teachers, call and schedule fieldtrips. Call a few days prior to re confirm. Follow up with thank you notes if necessary. Coordinate thank you notes for class visitors.
  2. Curriculum helper. Help with the preparation for classroom projects.

Toy Cleaning (Circle Room)

Maintain the shelves where toys and games are stored.  Periodically check to see if pieces are missing, broken or low in number.  Report this to the director.  Take a bucket of toys home a couple of times a month and run them through the dishwasher or otherwise clean and disinfect them and the containers.  Ask the Director or a teacher for a recommendation on what needs cleaning.  Pay special attention to toys that are frequently put in children’s mouths, like people, giraffes, and dinosaurs.  Periodically wipe down the shelves and check that the curtains are clean and in good condition.  During this school year, develop a cleaning rotation form.  Use toy catalogs to add pictures to form, and find match for storage boxes. Put dates when cleaned in box and in your red binder.

Toy Cleaning (Snack Room)

Maintain the cooking area and storage shelves for manipulatives and puzzles.  Check periodically to see if toy pieces are missing, broken or low in number and advise the teacher.  Take a bucket of toys home a couple of times a month and run them through your dishwasher or otherwise clean and disinfect them and their containers.  Ask a teacher for a recommendation on what needs cleaning.  Wipe the cabinets under cooking appliances and cabinet fronts.  Clean the appliances as needed. During this school year, develop a cleaning rotation form.  Use toy catalogs to add pictures to form, and find match for storage boxes. Put dates when cleaned in box and in your red binder.

Upload Books

A task for just this year, 2018-2019. We are looking for someone to organize our library onto an app. Work will be at home.

Webmaster Assistant- Creative Design

While the webmaster will be responsible for the content on the DCCNS website, the assistant will work to add creative aspects. This may include adding photos, videos, parent testimonials,etc. All photos will need parent approval and children’s names may not be used.

Work Party Coordinator

Organize the monthly Saturday work parties to clean the classrooms, patio, bathroom and playground.  Put out a sign up sheet at the beginning of the year or circulate at the orientation meeting for families to choose a work party.  Make sure names and phone numbers are included on this list.  Contact any families who did not sign up or who join later in the year to have them choose a date.  Post the finalized schedule on the kitchen cupboard door.  Changes are each family’s responsibility.  Assign one person to be in charge of each work party and give them the key, the sign-in list with phone numbers and direction cards.  Check with the Director each month for any special tasks to be added to the list.  Keep track of participation and turn overview in to the Director at the end of the school year.  Coordinate “alternate tasks” with the Director as necessary. Be responsible for a key to the school.  See Binder.

Board members are exempt from work parties.


Updated April 2018