1. How do I contact the school if I would like more information or to enroll my child?
    You may email or visit the registration tab. Please note that DCCNS is closed during the summer months. During this time we will check messages approximately once a week.

  2. What are the parent co-op commitments exactly?
    Parents work together to build a positive learning community for their children. Each family has a family task, works as an event assistant, helps with our annual fundraiser, attends 3 work parties, and attends 5 parent education meetings. Parents also rotate working in their child’s classroom. For a more detailed description, including what happens if you have multiple children attending DCCNS, see Parent Commitments.

  3. How many days will I work in the classroom?
    Parents work in the classroom approximately 2 times per month, sometimes a little more, sometimes less.

  4. What is a Family Task? Are there any tasks I can fulfill from home?
    One of the parent commitments is fulfilling a family task.  These range from being on our Board of Directors to play dough maker or carnival coordinator. There is a wide variety of tasks to serve the wide variety of interest and skills of our parents. See detailed descriptions of our 40+ family tasks.

  5. What is a “Play Based” teaching philosophy?
    We believe that young children learn best through exploratory play. Learning is a whole body experience. We problem solve, explore, ask questions, make predictions, observe outcomes in a safe and caring environment.

  6. Is Christian Doctrine taught in the classroom?
    Although DCCNS teaches no religious doctrine, curriculum is guided by a philosophy of mutual care, respect, and understanding, creating an environment in which families from all faiths, backgrounds, and traditions can feel welcome, comfortable, and valued.

  7. What is the adult/child ratio at DCCNS?
    DCCNS maintains an adult/child ratio of a minimum 1:4.

  8. Do you have daycare or extended care?
    Our focus is to provide a quality, dynamic, and enriching part-time preschool experience. Currently we do not offer daycare or extended day programs for enrolled students. However, we do provide PlayCare for siblings. See below.

  9. What is PlayCare? DCCNS does offer childcare for siblings of DCCNS students. This fee based service is offered approximately once every other week during school hours in each of our classes (Toddler, PM, and AM). We provide this service to help support the parents working in the classroom who have other children not enrolled. Parents may also use the service on other days, but do need to remain on grounds (on the Davis Community Church block).

  10. Are snacks provided?
    DCCNS supplies a daily snack for all children. If your child has specific allergies, please check in with your classroom teacher. DCCNS is a peanut/tree nut free school.

  11. What should I expect to learn as an adult by attending DCCNS?
    Lots! Each day after school on your working day you will have an opportunity to discuss the day with your teacher and other parents. We talk about child development, interactions, behaviors, learning, and so much more. You will learn not only important insights into your child and other children, but also your own learning style and temperament.

  12. What are some examples of DCCNS’ parent meeting topics?
    Past topics have included Preschool Friendships, Fine Motor Development, How to Talk to your Child about Grief, Kindergarten Readiness, Problem Solving in Young Children, Speech Development, Math and Preschoolers, Children and Body Image, and many more.

  13. I work full time. Is it possible for my nanny/caregiver to work in the classroom?
    If a family is fully committed to the co-op ideal and are able to fulfill the majority of the commitments, they may write a letter to the Board asking for a primary caregiver (grandparent, nanny) to work in the classroom. Each case is evaluated individually based on needs of the family and the specific class.

  14. We are expecting a baby in January? Is it still possible for our family to attend DCCNS?
    Absolutely! Please work with your class scheduler to work around your due date. While you may not bring your newborn to school while working in the classroom,  please connect with your teacher to learn how other parents have made this work.

  15. Does DCCNS require that my child be potty-trained?

  16. Why are the classes for 3-5 year olds multi-age?  
    There are multiple reasons: socio-emotional scaffolding, appreciation for diversity, academic modelling, and classroom management are just a few. We offer a more detailed description of the underlying philosophy here: Multi-age Philosophy

  17. What is the Permanent Working Parent in the PM class? A parent may choose to be a "Permanent Working Parent" in the PM class only. This person works in the classroom one day a week, every week. In return the family is given a 50% reduction in tuition, plus more hours of fun in the classroom!

  18. Does DCCNS offer financial aid?
    Yes, please click here for the application. A letter of need is also required. Applications are confidential; please submit the letter and application in a sealed envelope with your school application.

  19. Can I bring my child’s baby brother or sister on my working days?

    For safety and adult/ child ration reasons, siblings are not allowed to attend class on the parent working days. DCCNS does offer Playcare. Playcare is a service to working parents providing childcare for a small fee in the church’s Sunday School classrooms.