A cooperative preschool provides a healthful and varied environment in which children can develop socially as well as physically, emotionally, and mentally. Parents will see and work with other children of similar ages, become aware of some common behavior patterns, and have the opportunity to learn alongside other parents, sharing challenges and joys each parent has with their own preschooler.

A cooperative preschool is an ever-changing organization. No two years are exactly the same. New ideas are advanced; some are retained and some are discarded. The organization depends upon these new ideas, and all members are encouraged to make suggestions for changes to improve the school.  We feel that these are some of the unique advantages of a cooperative preschool.

Parents assume the many responsibilities of the administration at a cooperative preschool.  Each family chooses a family task that reflects their talents and interests in addition to the parent participation in the classroom

Becoming a part of the DCCNS community is one of the best parenting choices we’ve made. DCCNS gave us all the opportunity to learn and grow alongside each other - the parent co-op models allows for the education of both children and their parents. Because DCCNS follows a play-based curriculum, our children were allowed to imagine without limits and develop individually. They were perfectly prepared for kindergarten and, more importantly, a richly adventurous life.

- Adélie & Jeffrey Barry

The ideas of cooperation go further than school administration. Parents help one another by switching work-days, working out transportation problems,  volunteering for necessary duties, and countless other ways. Many parents are surprised by the support, encouragement, and consideration they experience in a cooperative preschool environment.

At DCCNS, one of our basic tenets is the concept of shared leadership, whereby each participant feels a responsibility to make the preschool work. Not only do we embrace individual differences, but also believe that the real strength of DCCNS is realized only when each individual feels free to make their own unique contribution in an atmosphere of real acceptance.



Parental involvement is an important part of our school and is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your child’s growth. As a participating parent you are required to:

  • Participate in the classroom
  • Earn Parent Education/Meeting Credits
  • Attend Work Parties
  • Complete a Family Task
  • Assist at one event
  • Participate in fundraising efforts