The DCCNS Board is the decision making body of our school.  Board positions include president, vice-president, treasurer, fundraising coordinator, secretary, registrar, communications coordinator, and policy coordinator.  The Board, along with the school's executive director, meet each month to discuss and make decisions on topics such as class registration, school budget, fundraising efforts, and class-specific issues, as well as any other current issues affecting our school. The purpose of the Board is to support the staff of the preschool, act in the best interests of all children, and ensure the long-term health and survival of DCCNS. 

DCCNS holds a very special place in our family’s collective memory. It is a gem of a place where our sons and we grew in myriad ways alongside each other — a place of light and kindness and warmth where we played together, laughed together, struggled together and discovered together. It is, fundamentally, a place filled with love — a love of children, a love of learning, and a love of others.

Abby and P.T. Koenig